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Free Receipt Template Google Doc Word Excel

Hello friends… In the business the most common thing is selling and purchasing so here is Free Receipt Template Google Doc Word Excel. It makes necessary for the seller as well as buy to keep record of his payment. So we can say a receipt is a simple business document written to prove that the payment is received. It also gives the information about reason of making payment. Similar like different purpose of payment a receipt can be used as Receipt Free Template, rent receipt, payment receipt and payment receipt. It also act as a legal validity to help you if there is a dispute or you need to the information on the receipt to file your taxes. The recipient contents depend upon the type of receipt for different purpose like property rented, amount of rent due and date of rent.


Free Receipt Template Google Doc Word Excel

So let’s start with a Receipt rent Template must include information of rented property along with the time duration. This receipt also includes the date on which last payment was done along with its mode of payment.


Receipt Template

Receipt Template

In the receipt document allows you to provide written proof that the person has received money and the buyer also gets the written proof. Here we are providing you the perfect layout from the you can make the perfect templates.


Rent Receipt Template

There are different types of Receipt Templates are Delivery Receipt, Cash Receipt Templates, Rent Receipt Templates, Sales Templates, Donation Receipt-Templates, Purchase Receipt Templates. You can customize according to your need.



Free Receipt Template

The number of receipt is mentioned on corner of the receipt. A receipt can be prepared in the Microsoft Document. It is very convenient to handle the record the transaction.



Receipt Template Word


Cash Receipt Template



Receipt Template Microsoft Word


The name and contact details for the tenant. In the end there is a column in which landlord as well tenant do their signatures. So we hope you like our Receipt Free Template post also comment and share it on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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